Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - October 1,2013 - Susannah Smith and daughter Susan E.

 Monument City Memorial Cemetery is where I found two interesting tombstones..a few weeks ago. I was expecting to find one for Susanna Smith, wife of James but was surprise to find that there was a daughter buried here as well.  As I have said before I am searching for my GGGGrandmother's burial site.  We cleaned up these stones and then took rubbings from them to get as accurate data from them as possible. This is a Smith plot.

Smith Plot
 This is the stone for Susannah Smith, wife of James.  She died on June 18, 1872.

Susanna Smith, wife of James- died June 18, 1872

 I can't help but think that she died during or soon after the birth of Susan E.  Having said this, it would mean that this likely not my Susanna Smith.  My Susanna, would have been 60 years old at the least and her husband, James had died in March of 1868. She could not have been pregnant at this time with the father being James Smith as stated on Susan E's stone. 

Susan E. Smith died September 8, 1872

The stone states that she was  the daughter of J&S Smith and was 3 months old at the time of her death so her birth was about June 8, 1872.  I would guess that she was likely born on June 18, 1872 the day that her mother died which would make her not quite 3 months old when she died.

James Smith does not appear to be buried here unless there is no grave stone. Findagrave.com also does not list James Smith though there are several other Smith's buried in this cemetery.  None of the Smith's  listed are members of our family tree that can be identified.  So my conclusion is that this is not my GGGGrandmother after all. With popular names like James and Susannah and a surname of Smith, there are many people to investigate.

Happy Hunting

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