Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15th and way overdue!!!!!

It’s October 15th and I am way over due! I put my genealogy stuff aside for abit. I was beating my head against my brick walls so I have taken a few months off. I have been really busy with some of my other passions (Quilting) and have done some traveling. I went on a trip of a life time with my siblings. We left September 9th , 2010 and flew to Denmark after meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.
Upon our arrival in Denmark, we were met at the airport by Bjarne and Ingrid. Bjarne is my mother first cousin and our cousin once removed. He and Ingrid visited us in July and now we have arrived to visit them.

Copenhagen’s airport did not look much different than any airport in the US…Many happy people were arriving and being met by friends and relatives. Ingrid had an American flag that she was waving vigorously with a HUGE smile on her face and Bjarne was looming over the crowd with a huge grin too. We never have to worry because we will always see Bjarne in any crowd. He is very tall and Ingrid is quite short so there she was with her flag. It was an awesome welcome for 6 American! After getting our bags, we exited the airport and everything changed….We are in Denmark!

All the cars are small. Compact small because the streets are narrow and Europeans/ Scandinavians’ live quite differently the we do. A family MAY have one car and some families do not own a car. They use trains, buses, ferries, they walk and ride bikes. People use bicyles to go everywhere. They take them on the trains, they have covered or underground parking for bikes! They have bike lanes and bicyclist have the right of way! The country's modes of transportation are much different than our in the US.

So the first dilemma was how to get 8 adults to Bjarne and Ingrid’s home in Glostrup using one compact size car! Well, we had two options, shuttle everyone in shifts or catch a cab for half and Bjarne drive half. We decided on the later. Bjarne and three took the car and Ingrid and the rest of us took a cab. We were not more than 20 minutes from the airport.

More soon…