Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - May 24, 2016 - Jesse Putt

Jesse Putt 


Jesse Putt was the son of Benjamin Putt and Bessey Denny born on April 7,1901 in Allen County, Indiana. Benjamin and Bessey Putt had eight children; Bernice (1897), Chauncey(1899), Jesse(1901), Ernest (1902), Goldie(1906), Benjamin W. (1908), Wilbert B. (1908), Roscoe(1910).

During the 1910 Federal Census, Jesse is found at home in school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the 1920 Census Federal Census, he is still living at home but lists his occupation as a laborer for the Electric Works. They live on Bluffton Road, His father, Benjamin, and brothers Chauncey and Ernest, all work for the Electric Works.

He married Victoria Basley in 1928.  Victoria is from Connecticut.  I did not locate a marriage record for them in Allen County, Indiana so I presume that they were married in Connecticut. In the 1930 Federal Census, they are living in Killingly Connecticut. They are renting and live on Main Street. He list his occupation as a weaver for a Cotton Mill. Victoria is also employed as an inspector at the Curtain Mill. As I scroll up and down looking at this page and the previous couple pages and the next several pages most all the people are employed by either a Cotton Mill, Woolen Mill or the Curtain Mill. I have to investigate to see what mills were operating in the area in the 1930. It could make for an interesting blog.

In the 1940 Census Jesse and his family have returned to Indiana and he works as an assistant to the Foreman at Harvester. They now have a son, Donald who was born in Connecticut and is 9 years old. They had three children; Donald (1931), Merle Jesse ( 1933-1935), and the third child I can not at this time identify.

Jesse Putt is buried along side his wife in the Catholic Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I do not have a photo of the tombstone but can get a photo of the Cemetery.

Rest in Peace,

Jan Smith

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - May 17, 2016 - Roxy Swackhammer McLane

Roxy Swackhammer McLane

Roxy Swackhammer was born the daughter of Mary Jane Ryder and Danford Swackhammer in Esquesing Township, Halton County, Ontario on March 12, 1867. She was one of 5 children; Angelia (1867), Roxy(1869), Orpha (1871), Franklin (1874), William Danford (1878).

Close up of Marriage record for Halton County Ontario 1891
 Roxy Swackhammer married Noble Paget McLane on January 1, 1891 in Acton, Halton County, Ontario. Noble listed his occupation as a Blacksmith. Both were Methodist and they lived in Acton Ontario. Roxy's racial Origin is listed as Pennsylvania Dutch. Witnesses were Joseph Spreight and Susannah Sinclair and the minister was Rev. G A Gifford from the Methodist Church. 

They had five children; Noble Arthur (1898), Stella Jane (1900), Bertie (1892), Franklin, Cecil.

She died on May 17, 1935.  She is likely buried in the Church Hill Cemetery which was originally known as the Swackhammer Cemetery. It was established in 1827 when Julia Ann Swackhammer, daughter of Jacob Swackhammer, died a few years after the family received a land patent from the English government.  Roxy's parents are buried here. Her parents are listed as buried there. Her gave stone was not found.

Rest in peace,

Jan Smith

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - May 10. 2016 - Charles Edward May

Charles Edward May

Charles Edward May was the son of Josiah May and Matilda Waig born on April 17, 1851.  Charles Edward May married Dorothy Ann Hainer some time around 1876.

In the 1881 Census, Charles and Dorothy are in the Lincoln & Niagara area with the first two sons; Harry A and Lewis P.  Charles is a farm labour. 
In the 1901 Census, Charles and his wife, Dorothy are living in Lincoln & Niagara area in Ontario with their children; Harry A. (1877), Lewis P. (1880), Archy(1886), Charles B. (1888), Maggie M. (1892) and his Mother, Matilda May (1832).

In the 1911 Census, Charles and Dorothy still have Lewis P, Charles and Maggie still living with then at home and a boarder Blakley Allan.

According to his death record, Charles Edward died on May 10, 1934 of Chronic Nephritis and senility. He had been a farmer by trade. He was a widower at the time of his death. He was buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery according to his death record but I am unable to find a photo of his Tombstone.  There are other May Family members in this cemetery including his son Lewis Phillip May. 

Maple Lawn Cemetery

Maple Lawn Church - closed in 2006
Rest in Peace,

Jane Smith

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lillian Losee Smith

Lillian Losee was the daughter of Mae Evelyn (Boyer) and George Losee.  She was born on February 25, 1905.  When she was nine years old, she found her mother slumped over the clothes basket while trying to hanging out laundry.  Mae Evelyn Losee died leaving 6 young children in 1914.  Mae Evelyn's mother, Mary Florence Boyer,  would raise Lillian(8 years old) , Wallace (7 years old), Florence (2 years old)  and  Ernest (1 years old) in her home in Flint on Baker Street.  Lester remained with his father on the farm.  As Wallace and Ernest became older, they would return to the farm to live too.  I learned through my research that in 1914, it was illegal for a father to raise adolescent daughters. I always wondered why Lillian was raised by Mary Florence while the brothers were raised by their father on the farm.

The Boyer at the Clio home of Austin and Mary Florence (White) Boyer in about 1907
 This photo was taken before Austin died in 1908.  It is of Austin and his siblings and their families. Mae Evelyn is standing to the left of Austin at the top of the steps on the porch. She is holding Wallace Austin, Lillian is stand on the step next to her and Lester is on the step below her. This is the earliest photo that I have of Lillian.

Lester Losee,  Austin Rex Boyer and Lillian Losee 
 I have several school photos that Lillian had saved from her school years.  This first was taken in first or second grade before her mother died.  The condition of the photo is pretty bad with some of the students not recognizable but she is identified clearly along with her brother and her Uncle Rex who was born the same year that she was. They are identified with the arrow makings in ink.  Lester is two from the left with Rex seated next to him in the third spot.  Lillian is in the third row seven from the left standing.  

Lester and Lillian - Doyle Street School
The second one was taken after her mother died while she was living with her Grandmother, Mary Florence. It is a grade school photo of Lillian and Lester at the Doyle Street school in Flint. Lillian is 6 from the left standing in the second row. Lester is seated in the front row 6 from the left. I am not sure what grade this would be.
This is a preteen photo of Lillian likely taken about 1916 or 1917. She would have been living in Flint with her Grandmother at this time. I think it is so adorable.  Her way of being stylish as a teenager.  This is a side I never knew of my Grandmother. Being the wife of a Methodist Minister, Grandma was always dressed in a conservative dress. I never saw her in a pair of slacks.  In the years that I knew her she was faithfully taking care of her husband who was wheelchair bound due to Multiple Sclerosis.

This photo is of Lillian's ninth grade class at Dort School in Flint. Lillian is the girl furthest to the right in the first row of standing students. She and Everett Smith met at an revival meeting around 1921 or 1922. I found this lovely Valentine in Grandma and Grandpa stuff.

Valentine from Everett

Everett's signature

Lillian's address at her Grandmother's in Flint

A Valentine sent to Lillian Losee by Everett Smith on February 14, 1923. This may have been about the time that they were engaged.
Lillian Losee - February 25,1923

This is a photo of Lillian on her 18th birthday on February 25, 1923.  They had a birthday/ engagement party for her at Bessie Caulkin's house. Bessie was Lillian's best friend in 1923.

Lillian And Everett - February 25, 1923

Everett and Lillian were married on August 28th, 1923 by Joel B. Gass in Flint Michigan. 

Happy Hunting,

Jan Smith

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - May 3, 2016 - Elihu Pocock

Elihu Pocock

May 5, 1890 Fort Wayne News Sentinal
Elihu Pocock was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio in 1822 the son of Elisha Pocock and Christina Faust. Elisha and Christina's children were; Catherine (1808), Elizabeth (1810), Daniel (1813), Eve (1815), Mary (1817), Elisha (1821) and Elihu (1822).

Elihu Pocock and Nancy Middaugh were married on September 8, 1942 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. They had eight children: Milton(1843), Mary Catherine(1845), John H(1848), Emeline(1852), Elias (1856), Margaret(1858), Nancy(1861), and possible Charles(1868).

In the 1850 Federal Census, Elihu and Nancy are found in Wayne, Ohio in Tuscarawas County with Milton(age 7),Mary C (age 3) and John H (age 2). Elihu's Occupation is listed as carpenter. There is an Andrew Middaugh age 42 also living with them. He is likely a brother to Nancy. His occupation is listed as a farmer.

Nancy Middaugh Pocock died in 1868 in Allen County, Indiana. It may have at the time of the birth of Charles or shortly there after. In the 1870 Census, Charles is listed and assumed as a son but in the 1880 Census he is listed as a grandson. In the 1870, Elihu and his family are living in Allen County, Indiana near Nine Mile. He had 5 children living with him and his wife has died; Emeline (18 years old), Elias (14), Margaret (12), Nancy M. (9) and Charles (2). Emeline is keeping house and taking care of the younger children.

In the 1880 Federal Census, Elihu is still living in the Lafayette Township of Allen County, Indiana near Nine Mile / Zanesville. He has two daughter and a son still living at home; Margaret (21), Elias (23), and Nancy(18) and a Grandson, Charles (12). His occupation is listed as a Carpenter.

Elihu died on May 3, 1890 near Zaneville at his home. His obit states that he is buried in Hoverstock but  a grave can not be located. There are graves for other family members in Hoverstock. 

Rest in Peace,

Jan Smith