Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Van Valkenburg Treasure Chest

After making contact recently with Lorine McGinnis Schulze, I have spent a bit of time on the Van Valkenburg website reading through the pages of information about our family. There is a lot of information to absorb and I will share it with you here as I sort it out. In the mean time, I will show you the new information which when added to our current tree will show our family for 15 generations when we go from my grandchildren of today back to the first known Van Valkenburg.

For privacy sake, I will show back to my mother is who deceased as I did with the Norwegain lines in her family last year.

Leah Anderson - 1928 – Father - Andrew Anderson – 1883
                                        Mother – Addie Densmore - 1890

Addie Densmore – Father – Charles Densmore - 1864
                               Mother – Mary Morgan Hayner - 1871

Mary Morgan Hayner – Father – Robert Wesley Hayner -1839
                                       Mother – Dorothy Ann Morgan - 1842

Robert Wesley Hayner – Father -Henry Hainer – 1789
                                        Mother – Nancy Schram - 1799

Henry Hainer – Father - Albert Hainer – 1758
                          Mother – Catherine Vollick 1769

Catherine Vollick – Father – Isaac Vollick - 1732
                                Mother – Anna Maria Warner - 1735

Isaac Vollick - Father - Isaac Van Valkenburg - 1712
                        Mother - Maria Bradt

( there is not marriage record for this couple so it is assumed that Isaac is illegimate though he used his fathers name until he was in the War)

Isaac Van Valkenburg – Father - Isaac Van Valkenburg – 1686
                                       Mother – Lydia Van Slykes – 1685

Isaac Van Valkenburg – Father – Jochem L. Van Valkenburg – 1646
                                       Mother – Eva Hendricks Vroman – 1651

Jochem L. Van Valkenburg – Father – Lambert Van Valkenburg (between 1611-1617)
                                               Mother – Annetie Jacobs - 1622

Lambert Van Valkenburg – Father - Lambert D. Van Valkenburg
                                            Mother – Maria (surname unknown)- 1575

Lambert D. Van Valkenburg – Father – Andries Van Valkenburg – 1540 
                                                 Mother - Unknown 

Now I can sure see why I was a bit confused with the Van Valkenburg trail years ago. Today there are many researchers who have done a lot of work on the family and I am the happy recipient of it now that it is available on the internet.

This is the original family crest which dates back to around 1250.  More on that later....

So until next time....

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - May 1, 2012

Jonas Lorraway
Is my belief that this stone is the gravestone for Jonas Lorraway, the son of Jonas Larroway and Betsy Mueller. Jonas, the son, married Catherine Hainer, the daughter of Albert Hainer and Catherine Vollick, on November 03 1836.  

Grave stone of Catherine Hainer wife of Jonas Larroway   

William Lorraway - son of Jonas and Catherine Lorraway

There is very little left of this cemetery.  It was purchased by farmers as used as grazing land for farm animals.  The remaining stones were placed in this brick wall for safe keeping.  A small section of the field is fenced off where this wall of tombstones is located.  Today it is part of a large horse farm.