Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - May 1, 2012

Jonas Lorraway
Is my belief that this stone is the gravestone for Jonas Lorraway, the son of Jonas Larroway and Betsy Mueller. Jonas, the son, married Catherine Hainer, the daughter of Albert Hainer and Catherine Vollick, on November 03 1836.  

Grave stone of Catherine Hainer wife of Jonas Larroway   

William Lorraway - son of Jonas and Catherine Lorraway

There is very little left of this cemetery.  It was purchased by farmers as used as grazing land for farm animals.  The remaining stones were placed in this brick wall for safe keeping.  A small section of the field is fenced off where this wall of tombstones is located.  Today it is part of a large horse farm.

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