Monday, April 30, 2012

Isaac Van Valkenburg

A Van Valkenburg Treasure chest....

For a family historian and genealogist, a week like mine last week is a true treasure. After I made contact with a distant family member, Lorine McGinnis Schulze last week, I continued to search to see what I could find on the Van Valkenburg family. An low and behold there' s a whole Website and an association devoted to them ut them at :

I do remember seeing this page before but I did not know exactly how we connected with the family.
After spending several days looking at it, I know how we fit! ...And all the way back to the Netherlands. I had been told that we had Dutch bloodlines and now I know for sure we do!

Isaac Van Valkenburg  was christened on 13 Feb 1712 in Schenectady RC, Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY. He died in 1789/1796 in Wysox, Bradford Co, PA. He was buried in Wysox, Bradford Co, PA. He is the son of Isaac Van Valkenburg and Lydia Van Slyck.  He is the the fourth child of nine children born to this couple. 

There is no evidence to support a marriage between Isaac Van Valkenburg and Maria Bradt who was the daughter of Storm(Sturm) Bradt and Sophia Uzielle.  Maria was christened on 24 May 1713 in First DRC, Albany, Albany Co, NY. Isaac and Maria had one son;

Isaac Van Valkenburg who would later become known as Isaac Vollick.  He used his father surname until after the Revolutionary War when his name changes to Vollick.  It appears that the Vollick name started after his war records reflected the Vollick name.  It was thought to have been a nick name of sorts for him. 

Isaac  Van Valkenburg (the elder or senior) eventually did marry Jannetje Clements the daughter of Pieter Clement and Anna Ruijter on 28 May 1737 in First DRC, Albany, Albany, NY. Jannetje was christened on 1 Oct 1712 in DRC, New York, New York, NY. She was buried in Wysox, Bradford Co, PA.

Isaac and Jannetje had the following children:

Lydia Van Valkenburg - 1737
Annaatje Van Valkenburg - 1739
Eva Van Valkenburg - 1741
Maytje Van Valkenburg - 1744
Margarith Van Valkenburg - 1745
Janetje Van Valkenburg  - 1752

 Note This information has been copied from the Van Valkenburg Association Website.  Expect to see more on the Van Valkenburg family in future blogs.

Happy Hunting, Jan

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