Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Remembering Mom...two years later...

It was two years ago yesterday that Mom joined my Dad in heaven!  Thought of her often yesterday, a bit more than a normal day. Over Thanksgiving, Greg and I stopped at the cemetery to say “Hello”  and take a few pictures. I miss her.  I miss her laugh, her smile and her faith that everything will work out!  "It always does!'  I can hear her say...It was her explanation for everything!  Some days I need a reminder of that and today is one of them I guess. So I went looking at her photos and I decided to share a few of her with you today.
Leah -  1931                                           Leah's Engagement Photo 1950
She often had a smile. She was so pretty!  When Dad met her,I can understand how he fell in love with her!

Christmas 1955

When she was with her children, she often had a big smile on her face. She was the best mother and loved her 6 children! Her family was always her most important priority.

Easter 1966

This is one of my favorite photos of Mom because she was not a fighter!  She would not have known how to start a fight. She was a gentle, non-confrontational person.  That is not to say that I could not make her mad.  I could and I did but she was quieter when she was mad but you knew you really messed up!  It was the “wait until I tell your father” mad!  And you knew that you were in deep trouble.  I talked back to her once!  When Dad got home…I was in trouble. A yard stick across my backside one time(because it broke) and I never did that again! They did not yell nor did they strike us. We had a really gentle household. Noisey, loud and crazy because there were so many of us but no fighting and when there was it was between us kids….

Teaching Mark how to fight in 1967.

Leah and some of her Grandkids - Brad, Madison, Kelsey, Zach and Gabe

Lead reading to Shawn and Kyle in Arizona.

The boys were all trying to get down to Mom’s level.  She had commented that the boys were all too tall and that the picture would look funny because she was so short! So they helped her out to make the picture look good. Then she decided that they were all being very silly! We all had a very good laugh over this one!

And even near the end, she had a smile on her face often and she was so thankful to have the love and support of a close family.  She was amused by the simpler things in life, like a new had for her birthday! 

One last camping trip and time at the beach!  All I can say it I love you!. I miss you!  I am trying to learn to have the steadfast faith that you always had!  Etched in my brain is the phrase " It will always work out"!  God will always be there to take care of us!

Love, Jan