Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - November 15, 2016 - Allen Greig Daly

Allen Greig Daly was the son of John Daly and Mary McIntosh born in Clio Michigan in Genesee County. He was born Sep 7, 1895. He was the third of nine children born to John and Mary; William (1892), Stephan (1894), Allen(1896), Sophronia(1897),Sophia(1899),Elizabeth(1901), John C.(1903), Clayton(1904), Francis(1905), Gordon(1907). John and Mary lost two children according to the 1910 Federal Census. Mary states that she has had 12 births and 10 children are living.

Allen Greig Daly married Edith Ann Terry on October 26, 1926 in Flint Michigan. They had two children; Dale (1928), Darla (1932)

In the 1910 Federal Census, Allen is a 14 year old boy. By the 1920 Federal Census, Allen is living at home and helping his father on the farm. The Flint City Directory for 1928, shows that Allen and Edith are living at 09 Walnut Avenue in Flint. He is an Auto worker. By the 1930 Federal census, they live in Flint on Perry Street. Allen is working for the Auto Industry as a machine operator. Dale is two months old and they have two roomers living in their home. In Flint City Directories for 1934 and 1937, Allen and Edith were living at 2605 Term Street in Burton which happens to be Cora May Smith Daly's residence. Cora became the second wife of John Daly on May 11. 1929. He is still listed as an Auto worker.

By the 1940 Federal Census, Allen and Edith are living in a rented home in Burton with their two children; Dale and Darla. In the Flint Directory of 1941, Allen is listed as an Autoworker and they are living on Farley Street but by the 1942 Directory his occupation has changed to a clerk and it states that he lives on Clio Street in Flint. On April 22, 1942, Allen registered for the draft for WWII. On his draft, he stated that he lived in Clio on East Johnson Street. This was the home of his father who had been recently widowed. In the Flint 1950 and 1954 Directory, Allen and Edith are living at 916 Perry in Flint Michigan. They had lived at the same address in the 1930 Federal Census.

Allen G Daly died on November 15, 1975. I have not been able to determine where Allen was buried. Many of the other family members, including his father, John, have been buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Clio. I'll continue to search and post his tombstone and cemetery photo here when I find it.

Rest in peace, Allen.

Jan Smith

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - November 8, 2016 - John Fisher

John Fisher was the son of Henry Fisher and Elizabeth Crites born in Tuscarawas County near Dover, Ohio. He was born November 22, 1822. He was the first of 10 children born to Henry and Elizabeth; John (1822), Daniel (1826), Solomon (1828), George(1830), Joseph(1832),Anna(1835), Elizabeth(1839), Lydia(1840), Henry(1843), Mary(1845).

John married Magdaline Winkler on November 26, 1848 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. They had nine children; Sofia (1849), Simon (1852), Joseph (1854), Catherine (1856), Noah (1858), Amanda (1860), Mary Magdalene (1867), Lydia(1869), Oscar (1871). 

Thanks to an Ancestry.com user, Tom Glaser, who shared this family photo of the John Fisher Family. Since John died in November of 1888, we can assume that this photo is from  before that. In November of 1878, Catherine died and in June of 1888, Simon died.    Neither are pictured in this photo. Joseph is also missing from this photo.  This photo was likely taken after Simon's death and before John's in November. 

Seated - Noah, Mary Magdalene, John Fisher  Standing - Sophia, Amanda, Lydia, Mary
In the 1850 Agricultural Schedule, John Fisher is listed in York Township in Tuscarawas County  SO we can conclude that he is a farmer. In the 1850 Federal Census,  John, Magdalene and Sophia are listed near Dover, Ohio. In the 1860 Federal Census, John and Magdalene are still living near Dover, and they have 6 children; Sophia, Simon, Joseph, Catherine, Amos, Amanda. The family moved to Daviess County, Indiana in 1864.

John Fisher Farm - Raglesville, Indiana
 (This photo is Thanks to Tom Glaser as well...)
In the 1870 Federal Census, John and his family are found in Raglesville, Daviess County, Indiana. There are six children living with them; Simon. Joseph, Catherine, Noah, Amanda, Mary M. Sophia has likely married.  John has re-established himself as a farmer in Indiana. In the 1880 Federal Census, John and Maddie remain in Raglesville, Daviess County, Indiana. They have five children living with them; Simon, Noah, Amanda, Mary M. and Lydia.
He died on November 8, 1888 in Ragleville, Indiana and was buried in Raglesville Cemetery next to his wife Magdalene.

Rest in Peace,

Jan Smith

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - November 1, 2016 - William Homer Wert

William Homer Wert

William Homer Wert was the son of Cyrus and Lois (Ormsby) Wert. He was born in Wells County Indiana on November 11, 1883. In the 1900 Federal Census, William Homer is 16 years old and living with his parents and his brother Albert who is 20 years old. They live in Union Township, Wells County, Indiana.

William Homer Wert - 1903

William Homer Wert married Etta Clare Smith on April 12, 1903. Etta Clare and William Homer had two children, James Frank (1904) and Lulu Etta born on July 11, 1905. Etta Clare died during childbirth but the baby Lulu Etta, survived. 

Etta Clare Smith - 1903

On June 12, 1909, William Homer married Allie M. Ferguson. She brought a daughter to their family from a previous marriage. Her name was Edna Shellabarger (1903). In the 1910 Federal census, William and his new wife Allie, James and Edna are listed but I see no entry for Lulu Etta. Allie Wert, William Homer's second wife, died on February 18, 1912. Leaving William Homer with three young children; James, Lulu and Edna, Allie's daughter . On January 1, 1919, William Homer married Josephine Potee. In the 1920 Federal Census, the step daughter Edna, is not listed in the census but James F is living with William Homer and Josephine. Lulu Etta is listed with her Grandparents, Cyrus and Lois Wert. By the 1930 Census, William and Josephine have 2 daughters; Margaret (1920) and Elizabeth(1922). These daughters are still at home as of the 1940 Federal Census. 

The census shows William Homer doing different occupations. The 1910 and 1920 Census show him as a farmer. In the 1930, he is a serviceman for  a manufacturing company. And by 1940, his occupation is barber.

William Homer register for the draft for World War I on September 12, 1918 and listed his Mother, Lois Wert of Uniondale, Indiana, as his contact. He registered for World War II as required and listed Josephine as his contact and they are living in Ossian, Indiana. He states that he is self employed.

William Homer Wert died on November 1, 1966. He is buried in The Oaklawn Cemetery in Ossian Indiana next to his third wife Josephine. 

Rest in Peace, William Homer.

Jan Smith