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Isaac the Loyalist

It has been quite a while since I looked at this linage of my family. When Lorine contacted me this week, it caught me by surprise. As a Genealogist, I find that this is how I obtain some of my best information and it is always when you least expect it.  All of the research which I will present to you is available because of years of research completed by Lorine McGinnis Schulze.

Isaac the Loyalist served in the Butler Rangers under the command of John Butler on the British side of the American Revolution.  It was at this time when Issac  became  known as Isaac Vollick.  This is probably why I had so much trouble finding him in the early years of my search. He was born Isaac Van Valkenburg in 1732.  He was the illegitimate child of Isaac Van Valkenburg and Maria Bradt.

From the Olive Tree Genealogy Website,  Lorine states that there is no record of a marriage found for Isaac and Maria, their son Isaac used his father's surname until 1782. During his years as a private in Butler's Rangers, Isaac's surname changed from Van Valkenburg, meaning in Dutch, 'from the castle of the falcons' (van=from; valken=falcons; burgh=castle), to Valk or Valck which means 'falcon'. It appears that Valk was his nickname and on being recorded by English clerks, a vowel was inserted between the final 'l' and 'k' making the surname Valic or Volick. Over the years, the surname was written as Vollick, Volic, Valic, Valck, Valk, Volk and Follick (the German/Dutch accent making a 'v' sound like 'f' to English ears).  So it is no wonder that I had trouble finding out who Isaac Vollick truly was.  

This is the family crest  for the families which include the surnames ; Van Valkenburg, An Valkenburgh, Van Volkinburg, Van Falkenburg, Valkenburg, Vollick, Van Velkinburgh
Isaac Van Valkenburg (Vollick)  1732 - 1807  married Anna Maria Warner 1735 -

These are the children of Isaac and Anna Maria Vollick

.... 2 Maretje Vollick 1758 -
.... 2 Matthias Valck 1759 - +Baertie Bradt 1758 -
.... 2 Cornelius Vollick 1761 - 1818 +Eve Larroway 1776 -
.... 2 Annaje Vollick 1763 - 1823 +Derrick (Richard) Hainer 1759 - 1801
.... 2 Storm Follick 1765 - +Esther 1770 -
.... 2 Sophia Vollick 1766 - +Adrian Bradt 1765 -
.... 2 Elizabeth Vollick 1767 - +Christian Bradt 1763 -
.... 2 Catharina Vollick 1769 - +Albert Hainer
.... 2 Sarah Vollick 1770 - +Benoni Crumb
.... 2 John Vollick 1772 - +Sarah DeCow
.... 2 Maria Vollick 1775 -

My Hainer family linage is through Albert Hainer and Catharina Vollick.  Corlene Taylor's family linage is through Derrick (Richard) Hainer and Annaje (Hannah)Vollick.  Derrick  is Albert's brother and brothers married sisters, Catharine and Hannah Vollick.  Lorine's linage is through Cornelius Vollick and his wife Eve Larroway.  Ironically, I have photos of tombstones for Eve Larroway's parents which I took on a trip to the Niagara area when I met up with Corlene.  Corlene had given me some of this info  but for a beginning researcher, it was confusing. Now that I look back at it all these years later it make more sense.

Next blog well talk about Isaac Vollick's father and his parents.

Happy Hunting, Jan


  1. I was wondering if know know more about the Hainer side of the Family?

  2. Thanks for the blog... just starting to research the Crumb line - Benoni Crumb is on my mother's side (Marianna Crumb, daughter of William Gordon Crumb)...

    It appears the Crumb line goes back to Krom in the Netherlands as well...

    - Paul Vander Werf


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