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Tombstone Tuesday - May 3, 2016 - Elihu Pocock

Elihu Pocock

May 5, 1890 Fort Wayne News Sentinal
Elihu Pocock was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio in 1822 the son of Elisha Pocock and Christina Faust. Elisha and Christina's children were; Catherine (1808), Elizabeth (1810), Daniel (1813), Eve (1815), Mary (1817), Elisha (1821) and Elihu (1822).

Elihu Pocock and Nancy Middaugh were married on September 8, 1942 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. They had eight children: Milton(1843), Mary Catherine(1845), John H(1848), Emeline(1852), Elias (1856), Margaret(1858), Nancy(1861), and possible Charles(1868).

In the 1850 Federal Census, Elihu and Nancy are found in Wayne, Ohio in Tuscarawas County with Milton(age 7),Mary C (age 3) and John H (age 2). Elihu's Occupation is listed as carpenter. There is an Andrew Middaugh age 42 also living with them. He is likely a brother to Nancy. His occupation is listed as a farmer.

Nancy Middaugh Pocock died in 1868 in Allen County, Indiana. It may have at the time of the birth of Charles or shortly there after. In the 1870 Census, Charles is listed and assumed as a son but in the 1880 Census he is listed as a grandson. In the 1870, Elihu and his family are living in Allen County, Indiana near Nine Mile. He had 5 children living with him and his wife has died; Emeline (18 years old), Elias (14), Margaret (12), Nancy M. (9) and Charles (2). Emeline is keeping house and taking care of the younger children.

In the 1880 Federal Census, Elihu is still living in the Lafayette Township of Allen County, Indiana near Nine Mile / Zanesville. He has two daughter and a son still living at home; Margaret (21), Elias (23), and Nancy(18) and a Grandson, Charles (12). His occupation is listed as a Carpenter.

Elihu died on May 3, 1890 near Zaneville at his home. His obit states that he is buried in Hoverstock but  a grave can not be located. There are graves for other family members in Hoverstock. 

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