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Tombstone Tuesday - May 24, 2016 - Jesse Putt

Jesse Putt 


Jesse Putt was the son of Benjamin Putt and Bessey Denny born on April 7,1901 in Allen County, Indiana. Benjamin and Bessey Putt had eight children; Bernice (1897), Chauncey(1899), Jesse(1901), Ernest (1902), Goldie(1906), Benjamin W. (1908), Wilbert B. (1908), Roscoe(1910).

During the 1910 Federal Census, Jesse is found at home in school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the 1920 Census Federal Census, he is still living at home but lists his occupation as a laborer for the Electric Works. They live on Bluffton Road, His father, Benjamin, and brothers Chauncey and Ernest, all work for the Electric Works.

He married Victoria Basley in 1928.  Victoria is from Connecticut.  I did not locate a marriage record for them in Allen County, Indiana so I presume that they were married in Connecticut. In the 1930 Federal Census, they are living in Killingly Connecticut. They are renting and live on Main Street. He list his occupation as a weaver for a Cotton Mill. Victoria is also employed as an inspector at the Curtain Mill. As I scroll up and down looking at this page and the previous couple pages and the next several pages most all the people are employed by either a Cotton Mill, Woolen Mill or the Curtain Mill. I have to investigate to see what mills were operating in the area in the 1930. It could make for an interesting blog.

In the 1940 Census Jesse and his family have returned to Indiana and he works as an assistant to the Foreman at Harvester. They now have a son, Donald who was born in Connecticut and is 9 years old. They had three children; Donald (1931), Merle Jesse ( 1933-1935), and the third child I can not at this time identify.

Jesse Putt is buried along side his wife in the Catholic Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I do not have a photo of the tombstone but can get a photo of the Cemetery.

Rest in Peace,

Jan Smith

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