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Tombstone Tuesday – June 7, 2016 – Rose C. O'Malley Kaake

 Rose Constance O'Malley Kaake

Rose Constance O'Malley was born on August 3, 1911, the daughter of Anthony and Louise (Wilson) O'Malley. 

They had five children; Rose (1911), Jesse (1913), Anthony Thomas (1919), Mary (1921) , Laura (1922). In the 1920 Census, Anthony and Louise Kaake are living in Flint with three of their children, Rose, Jesse and Anthony Thomas.

In the 1930 Census, she lived with her parent in Brown City, Michigan. She married Charles Arthur Kaake on June 10, 1933. In 1935, Charles and Rose lived in rural Sanilac County near Brown City. They had seven children: Elizabeth (1934), Patricia (1934), Charles (1935), John(1938), Rose Mary (1938), Colin (1941), Sharon (1942).

By the 1940 Census, The Kaake family was living in Almont. Eventually she and Charles Arthur settled in Imlay City in a brick home on North Almont Avenue. Charles Arthur Kaake was a Newspaper delivery person all over the Thumb of Michigan.

Rose O'Malley Kaake was Grandma Kaake to me. She was the Grandmother of my first husband. I was very fond of her and she showed me how to be a “Grandma”. My Grandmother on my Mom side died before I was born. My Grandma Smith was a preachers wife who faithfully took care of her husband who was disabled by Multiple Sclerosis(MS). Through no fault of her own, she really did not have time to be a close Grandma to us. She lived an hour away from us and we saw them on holidays and usually at least once a month. So when I married Gary Tietz at the age of 16, I became really close to Grandma Kaake. I could and often did, see her daily. She was full of love, hugs and the best advice in the world. She was the wisest person I knew at that young age.

Rose Constance O'Malley Kaake died in Imlay City Michigan on June 7, 1984, about 20 months after this birthday photo was taken.  She is buried at the Imlay City Towship Cemetery, next to her husband,  Charles Arthur Kaake. 

Rest in peace Grandma Kaake...We love and miss you!

Love,  Jan

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