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Tombstone Tuesday - June 14, 2016 - Harold Carlyle Hainer

Harold Carlyle Hainer

Harold was the son of Rev. Whitfield Hainer and his wife Eliza Maud Lick Hainer, born on February 5, 1902. Whitfield and Eliza Hainer had three children all of whom were born in Canada; Harold Carlyle (1902), Dorothy Marion ( 1904), Murray Mitchell (1907). Whitfield and his family emigrated to America entering at Buffalo, New York thru Niagara Falls Canada on March 28, 1911 according to Whitfield's Immigration papers filed in Richmond, Virginia in July of 1921.

In 1915 Rhode Island State Census, Rev. Whitfield Hainer and his family are found in Providence Rhode Island. In the 1920 Federal Census, the family is still in Providence, Rhode Island and the family is listed incorrectly as Haines instead of Hainer and he is now a salesman not a minister.

After Harold completed school in Richmond, Virginia,  he enrolled in Elon College in North Carolina where he was a very active student in many of the sport teams as well as the debate team and school government. I found  a numbr of years book pages which paint an interesting picture of Harold as a young man. 

His Senior profile in the 1925 year book read; 
 "  Harold Carlyle Hainer, AB"

"In the race of life he will not be left behind."

"Clio; Football Team , '23, '24; Track Team, '22,'23; Captain Track, '23 ; Cross Country , '22; Tennis Team ,'23; Class Basketball, '23 ; Class Baseball, '23; Class Track, '22, '23, ; Clio Entertainment, '22, '23, '24; Freshman - Sophomore Debater, '22; Intercollegiate Debate, '23, '24; Yankee Club.

Hainer came to us from the North,  but he soon got over it. He brought true cosmopolitan air to our campus. He came, he saw and he criticized. He impresses everyone as being a combination of ninety percent genius and ten percent common sense. Hainer can carry of the honors in all his classes if he wishes and we find that as well as excelling in books he excels in athletics, dramatic and oratory. We all know how good he is on the gridiron, and we hear that he fits well in the corner of the divan. His greatest delight is in arguing with the professors; and we prophesy a brilliant career for him as a lawyer or a politician. "
After his graduation in 1925, I find very little information about him. In a voting directory in 1935, I find Harold has returned to Oshawa, Ontario is living on at 13 Simcoe Street. He is working as a clerk. He is married to Edythe. According to another family tree on Ancestry, they married in 1933 but I can not find marriage records to confirm that. 
The next record I find for him is in a 1963 Election Directory from Oshawa, Ontario which shows that he is still living in Oshawa with his wife. His occupation is  listed as supervisor.  By the 1968 Directory he is now retired and living in the same place. 

Harold Carlyle Hainer died on June 14, 1982 in Oshawa, Ontario at the age of 80.  He is buried at  Oshawa Union Cemetery in Oshawa, Ontario. 

Rest in Peace,

Jan Smith

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