Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finding a photo...

A couple of years ago my cousin sent me a small paper weight which had been saved in her Mother's china cabinet for many years. I wrote a blog about the paper weight when I received it.  I tried to research what it was and who had made it with the hopes of uncovering more information about what it  might have meant to my great, great grandmother, Emma Crites.  Obviously it was a special family treasure or we would not have it still today!  

While in Uniondale in September, we drove by the church and visited Emma's old home. It was quite an experience to stand in the living room which she and John spent so much time in. I talked about it in a previous blog.  During my September visit, Shane Brown told me that I needed to visit a newly reopened antique store in Uniondale.  The antique store had reopened with new owners and is called  Minnich's Antiques & General Store.  It is located at 1123 Otto Street, Uniondale, Indiana. Check them out at  Labor Day weekend was their Grand Opening.  I hoped that it was open on Sunday and planned to visit it.  Shane had informed me that they owned an early 1900 photo of the people of Uniondale.  I planned to visit the store on my way home from my research weekend. 

I visited the store.  It is a cute store in a home which is located down the street from the Uniondale United Methodist Church. Upon entering the store, I introduced my self to one of the owners, Kim Minnich and told her that I had been visiting with Shane Brown and that he said that you have an old  Uniondale photo which I might be interested in.  She said, "well yes I do !"  She went behind the counter and retrieved it.  It is large photo which measure about 36 inches by 11 inches.  The glass in the frame is broken.  It had been dropped at some point when someone was looking at it. The photo is not for sale but often people come in and ask to see it. It is a treasure for this small local farming community.  It is a historical gold mine.  I wish all the people could been identified. 

It did not take me long to find my great great grandmother, Amanda Crites (Emma).  She is front and center with her daughter and granddaughter standing nearby!

Emma is front and center in this photo

Emma Crites, Velma Meeks and Dessie Meeks

Emma is the woman dressed in black, the second to the left.  Her granddaughter, Velma Meeks, is the girl with her hand on her hip and the woman to her right is Velma's mother, Dessie Meeks, daughter of Emma.

At the time of my visit to the antique store, I told Kim that this photo was likely a photo from the 1917 dedication of the Uniondale Church. I told her about the paper weight which I still owned.

More about what I have learned about the Dedication service and more photos next week.

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