Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - February 8, 2011

Hans Andersen  1859 – 1946

I have been scanning in photos from my Mother and Father’s trip to Norway from 1973. Some of my siblings will be visiting us in March and I am trying to get them photos scanned in so we can look at them while they are here. I have come across a great Tombstone Tuesday photo for today. It is the grave stone for Hans Andersen, my Great Grandfather in Norway.  It appears that he was born in March 25, 1859.  The month is hard to read on the stone.  I suppose that it could also be an 8 so it could be August. I will try to clarify that.  He died on June 15, 1946.  We had hope to go to this cemetery when I visited Norway this summer but there just was not enough time.  My next visit the I will have enough time to go visit it!
He is buried with his second wife, Matilda.

I believe that this cemetery is located on and island just off the coast of Norway in the Olso Fjord south west of Oslo.  The island in called Tjome and it his the birth place of Hans, my grandfather, Andrew and his brothers, Hagbart and Haakon.

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