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Meet the Densmores

Charles Densmore was born in Dec 23, 1864 the fourth child of John C. and Sarah Louise (Reynolds) Densmore in Mount Clemens, Michigan. On March 27, 1890 a 25 year old Charles would marry Mary Morgan Hayner, daughter of Robert Wesley and Dorothy Ann (Morgan) Hayner who was 18 and born in Port Hope Michigan. They were married in Port Lampton, Ontario. Charles occupation is listed as farmer on his marriage license.

By the 1900 Federal Census, Charles and Mary have three living children, Addie, Charles Ray and Elizabeth and live in East China, St Clair County, Michigan. According to our family records, Mary and Charles had a son born on February 26, 1893. He died on March 18, 1893. The census record indicated that Mary has had four children and three are living. Charles occupation is listed as a day laborer and they have two boarders living with them in a rented home.

In the 1910 Federal Census, Charles and Mary are living in Cottrellville, St Clair County, Michigan. They have eight children living with them and their son-in-law. The children are listed as; Ray C, Elizabeth, Dorothy, (Jay)Morgan, John, Harry, Mary, son-in-law, Andrew Anderson and daughter Addie Anderson. Charles is a farm laborer and they are renting their residence. Ray Charles was a farm laborer also. Andrew is a wheelman on a steamer. (Great Lakes Ship)

In the 1920 census, Charles and Mary live in Marine City and own their home. His occupation is listed as a carpenter who works in the ship yard and builds homes. They have seven children living at home and Mary’s Mother, Dorothy who is widowed and is 78 years old. The seven children are: Charles Ray, Morgan, Dorothy, John, Harry, Mary and Allan.
Back row LtoR: ( Jay) Morgan, Elizabeth, Ray Charles, Addie, Dorothy
Front Row LtoR: Mary, Mary Morgan (Hayner), Harry, Charles holding Allan, John

In the 1930 Census, Charles and Mary are listed in Marine City and his occupation is sexton of the Marine City Cemetery. They have three children, a son-in-law and a grandson who live with them.  They are Ray Charles, Allan and their daughter Mary, her husband, Arthur K Kamer and their son, Richard.

I believe that I acquired my love of cemeteries from Charles Densmore, my Great Grandfather.  He managed the Marine City Cemetery for many years and would later pass the honor down to Andrew, his son-in-law, and my Grandfather.  Ironically neither of these men would be buried in the Marine City Cemetery. They were buried in Rose Hill, which is in East China Township, St Clair County, Michigan.



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  1. It is so interesting to me that you can find and document all this info for us, and future generations, to enjoy and learn about our ancestors. I appreciate all your love and efforts. Love, pam


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