Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grandpa Anderson and yellow toast …

When I was a child, I remember my Grandpa Anderson visited us regularly. My Grandmother died on April 19, 1955, a few months before I was born so I never knew her.  Mom tried really hard to include Grandpa in what ever we were doing as a family.

Andrew Anderson and his three Smith granddaughters, Susan, Janet and Pamela taken in 1955, the day that I was baptized.

He would come and visit us every few weeks when the weather was good.  He lived in Marine City and we lived in Romeo.  He would stop by the bakery in Marine City and buy a special loaf of bread.  I do not know if it was his favorite or Mom’s but he brought that bread every time he visited and before long it was our favorite too.  Mom would make us toast out of it!  I wish I knew what it was called for sure. I have never seen bread like it since. It was creamy yellow in color and a round un-sliced loaf packaged in a clear plastic bag.  I just remember that it is one of my early memories, yellow toasted bread with butter on it.   I asked Mom more than once what it was and she thought it was called Egg Bread. I will have to ask Aunt Benita or Aunt Betty if they remembers what it was.  

Janet, Sharon (with one of the cats), Andrew and Mark Spring of 1963

Miss you Grandpa!

Love, Jan


  1. Dear Janet! Thank you for photos and postcards you have sent us."Tjome Historielag" is the local
    history society. Your blog is a wonderful contribution to the emigraton history here in Tjome, Norway, and inspire my own research into family history of Grimestad.

  2. You are most welcome Inger! I believe that it is my duty as a family historian to share the documents that I have that will help an organization like yours to document your local history. Where there is a village, a farm or a country, there is a story to be saved, honored and passed on to the next generation. I am honored to be able to pass this story on to my family. I am pleased to know how my family has contributed the the history of Tjome and that of Norway. Thanks so much for all your help and continued support! Bless you! Jan


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