Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day - 1923

I had a dream last night....I was sitting with my Grandmother Lillian and she was telling me how much she appreciated all the work I was doing on her(our) family history.  The last thing she told me was, " be sure to share the letters!"   And with that I woke up with a start!  For the next hour or more, I could not go back to sleep...It was not scarey, just a bit startling.   I couldn't quit thinking of her and Grandpa, the mind just got going as it does sometimes!  I have felt for a long time my Grandmother's gratitude but to have her express it to me in a dream was quite a thrill. It is or maybe it is not...ironic that this weeks blogs happen to be about Grandma's White family,  her Grandmother's family. 

After a busy morning, this afternoon I decided to go find those letters that she was referring to.  The letters that I was thinking of were letters that Grandpa wrote to her and my Dad while he was in the seminary.  Well....what I found was even more special since today is Valentine's Day.

It's a Valentine from Grandpa that she kept. Addressed to Miss Lillian Losee at 1530 Deleware Ave in Flint, Michigan. Check out the post mark... it is February 14th, 1923.  This Valentine's Day was about six months before they were married.
This is the sweetest card which has been saved for 90 years.

And Everett's signature..just as I remember it.

This photo was taken on Lillian's 17th birthday, February 25th, 1922. This was taken in the back yard of neighbors house, the Caulkin's Family. Lillian and their daughter were best friends.  I do not recall her name right now but I have it some where.

This photo was taken closer to August when they were married...Can you see the LOVE and adoration in her face? 

I thought that it would be interesting to share this with you.

May you always feel this loved !  Happy Valentine's Day! 

(Thanks for the visit Grandma, I love you too!)

Love, Jan

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