Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - February 12, 2013 - Edwin R White

Thetford Cemetery in Genesee County, Michigan

The Thetford Cemetery in Genesee County, Michigan in the White plot we have several family members buried. Today's entry will be for Edwin R White the son of Phebe and William C. White

 January 2, 1873 - August 11, 1891
  This funeral card was left to us by my grandmother Lillian Smith.  It had belonged to her Grandmother, Mary Florence Boyer , the sister to Edwin R White.  It had been her Grandmother's cherished possession  remembrance of her beloved brother's life.

 Edwin had a twin brother named Edward who died after in February of 1873. I do not have a tombstone or burial information for Edward. The next time I am in the area I will need to see if there is a stone for him and the other children who died from the family.

  This couple, William and Phebe White, lost six of their sons before they became adults;  Francis A. died at 1 year in 1860, Frankie died at age 2 in 1867 , William died at 23 years old in 1894, Edward B. died in 1873, Edwin died at 18 years in 19891 and Pervical F. died at age 2 in 1879. An incredible amount of loss in a short period of time for one family. 

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