Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - November 1, 2011

Valentine Boyer

Born: December 22, 1804
Died : July 08, 1887

Valentine Boyer came to America with his brother Artemus. I have not found them on passenger lists yet. He married Nancy Leet in New York prior to 1843 and they lived for an undetermined amount of time in New York. It is believed that Valentine and Nancy traveled to Florida with Artemus before deciding to settle in Michigan. I have not been able to confirm this family story nor have I been able to locate Artemus.
Valentine and Nancy had 6 children; Amy(1843), Dennison(1846), Austin (1848), David Miner (1850), Sarah Ann (1853) and Elizabeth (1856) all of whom were born in Michigan according to census records. They lived in Rose Township, Oakland County, Michigan. Valentine’s chief occupation was making charcoal for local blacksmiths. They first lived on the West Bank of Long Lake (Tipsico Lake) until 1860 when They moved to a farm on Demode Road.

This is a photo of Valentine Boyer with Mae Eveleen Boyer shortly before his death in 1887 .  Valentine died on July 8, 1887. 

He is buried in Beebe Cemetery located on the corner of Fish Lake Rd and Rose Center Rd.

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