Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"We're Related" - Part 4

Today I would like to talk about some of the additional interesting people that I have found that we are related to. Walt Disney is a 10th Cousin.  Wish it would get me into Disney World...but not likely. He is related to us through my Mother's Reynolds lineage. This connection allowed me to identify my Mother's 7th Great Grandparents; Richard Wright and Margaret Adams. What is interesting about this is when I did our Smith Family DNA back in 2010.  Some of these surnames were listed as matches 7 to 10 generations back.

Leah Smith=> Addie Densmore=> Charles S Densmore=> Sarah Reynolds=> George Reynolds=> William Reynolds=> Rebecca Mann (1699-1779)=> Rebecca Burnham (1656-1731)=> Anna Wright (1622-1703)=> Richard Wright (1598-1644)

Walt Disney (1901-1966)=> Flora Call (1868-1938)=> Charles Call(1822-1890) => Eber Call (1791-1864)=> Fanny Johnson (1764-1801)=> Mercy Fox (1741-1795)=> Mercy Lawrence (1706-1794)=> Elizabeth Welch (1688-1730)=> Mercy Sabin (1666-1728)=>Samuel Sabin (1640-1699)=> Mary Wright (1618-1660)=> Richard Wright (1598-1660)

The next is John Kerry. He is our 7th cousin 2X removed. Our common ancestor is Micah Mudge (1650-1758) who would be my 7th Great Grandfather on my Mother's side of the family.

Leah Smith => Addie Densmore => Charles S Densmore => Sarah Reynolds => George Reynolds => Elizabeth Mudge (1750-1810) => Micah Mudge (1718-1813)  => Ebenezer Mudge (1683-1758) => Micah Mudge (1683-1758)

John Kerry =>  Rose Mary Isabel Forbes (1913-2002) => James Grant Forbes (1879-1955) => Isabel Clark (1846-1931) => William Mather Clark (1805-1878) => Roxanna Phelps (1764-1837) => William Phelps (1702-1776) => Abigail Mudge (1683-1705) => Micah Mudge (1683-1758

Next is Winston Churchill. He is our 9th cousin 2X removed.  Our common ancestor is John Adams(1555-1604). Our lineage for him is almost exactly the same as the Walt Disney lineage except it branches off to Margaret Adams, wife of Richard Wright, and her Father John Adams our 9X Great Grandfather.

Leah Smith => Addie Densmore =>Charles S Densmore =>Sarah Reynolds =>George Reynolds =>William Reynolds =>Rebecca Mann (1699-1779) => Rebecca Burnham (1656-1731) => Anna Wright (1622-1703) => Margaret Adams (1599-1678) => John Adams (1555-1604)

Winston Churchill(1874-1965) => Jeanette Jerome(1854-1921) => Leonard Walter Jerome(1817-1891) =>Aurora Murray(1785-1867) => Reuben Murray(1743-1810) => Jehiel Murray(1708-1798) => Anne Bradley(1669-1749) =>Hester Griswold(1648-1695) => Ann Adams(1624 -1682) =>Jeremy Adams(1604-1683) =>John Adams(1555-1604)

The last one for this blog is the author, Stephen King.  He is our 9th cousin .  Our common ancestor is John Reynolds.  He is our 7th Great Grandfather through the Reynolds Lineage of Mom's family.

Leah Smith=> Addie Densmore=> Charles S Densmore=> Sarah Reynolds=> George Reynolds=> William Reynolds=> John Reynolds (1700-1789)=> John Reynolds (1675-1750)=> John Reynolds (1638-1701)

Stephen King =>Nellie Ruth Pillsbury (1913-1973) => Nellie Weston Fogg (1877-1963) => Susan Ann Carter (1846-1880) => Daniel Carter (1811-1876) => Richard Carter => 1780-1860) => Richard Carter (1755-1828) => Sarah Reynolds (1731-1785) => John Reynolds (1700-1747) => Jonathan Reynolds (1682-1709 => John Reynolds (1638-1701)

As you can see all of these people relate to us through this very well researched Reynolds Lineage thru my Mother's Family.  Sure wish I could tell her. She would be amazed.

Happy Hunting,

Jan Smith

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