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Tombstone Tuesday - April 5, 2016 - Lule (Lulu) Etta Wert Studebaker

Lule (Lulu) Etta Wert Studebaker

Lule Etta Wert was the daughter of William Homer Wert and Etta Clare Smith. She was born on July 11, 1905, sadly her mother, Etta Clare, died during child birth. William Homer and Etta Clare had a son also, James Frank Wert(1903). William Homer married Allie Ferguson on June 12, 1909. I  do not find Lule Etta in the 1910 Census. James Frank and a daughter of Allie are listed in the 1910 Census living with Homer and Allie. 

In 1915, Lule and her brother Frankie are attending the Buckley School in Wells County.

Lule Etta is the little girl with the braid on her shoulder. (Fifth from the left standing in the back row) Frankie Wert is the second from the left kneeling in the middle row. Thanks to Susan Allen for sharing the photo on Ancestry.com.

In the 1920 Federal Census, Lule Etta is living with her Grandparents, Cyrus and Lois Wert. 
Lule Etta married Clayton Studebaker  at the age of 17 on March 10, 1922. In the 1930 Census, Lule Etta and Clay Studebaker are living in Union township,Wells County, Indiana. They have one child, 7 year old Merlin and Lule's Grandfather, Cyrus Wert is living with them. Lule's Grandmother Lois died in 1927.  It took some searching because of misspelled names but I finally did find Clayton and Lule Studebaker in the 1940 Federal Census. They are still living in Union Township, Wells county, Indiana and now they have two sons living with them, Merlin (1924) and Richard (1931) and Cyrus Wert who is 86 years old.

Lule Etta was quite dedicated to her Grandfather . It appears that he lived with her until he died in 1947. Clayton and Lule Studebaker later moved to Logansport in Cass County Indiana.

Lule died in April of 1995. She is buried with her husband, who died in 1968, in Six Mile Cemetery in Wells County, Indiana. 

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