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Tombstone Tuesday - April 26, 2016 - William May

William May

Photo shared on Ancestry.com by Lynn Reed - 9/24/2009

William May was born in Ontario on April 5, 1808 to John May and Dorothy Hainer. (even though the photo says 1803, all other documents say 1808.) John and Dorothy had seven children; George (1802), Hannah (1804), Magdelan(1805), William (1808), Sarah (1810), Elizabeth (1812).

 William May married Anna Schram on February 15, 1827 in Lincoln, Ontario. William and Anna had five children; John(1828), Andrew W,. (1829), George (1831), Charles (1833), Elizabeth(1836). 
In the 1871 Census, William , Anna and John are living in the St Catharines, Lincoln, Ontario. William's occupations is as Hotel Keeper in the census and on his death certificate. In the Census Record they have three people living with them; Fredrick Smith, age 28, a servant from England, Joseph Linda, age 18, who declares that he is from the US, a machinist of Irish descent, Conrad Linda age 16 also from US, a machinist of Irish descent.

Wm May is the center column on the upper left page.
William died on April 26, 1875. According to his death record, he died of dropsy, which today would be congestive heart failure but back in this time frame it was often used as a common explanation for a death of unknown cause. I have not been able to identify where he is buried. Ill keep looking and post if I find it.

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