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Tombstone Tuesday - Karin Henrikke Hansdattra - Febuary 2, 2016

 Karin Henrikke HansDatter

Karin Henrikke Hansdatter was born on November 19, 1820 in the Kjaeretangen (farm) on the island of Tjome in Norway.  Her parents were Hans Nielssen and Kristen Pernille Hansdattra from Ormelet (farm).  Hans Neilssen was born in Sweden.

 Karin Henrikke married Torger Jonasen on October 13, 1840 in Notteroy Church, Norway.  They had three children that I have been able to find; Hans Kristian(1844), Otto and Amelia(1852)(Will continue to search but it is difficult when all the records are in Norwegian.) Torger, Henrikke Karin and their son, Hans, are found in the 1875 Census in Maagero, Tjome, Norway. The farm name used for their children is Maagero so that tells me that they moved there before the children were born.  Karin Henrikke died on February 2, 1894 and is buried most likely in the cemetery that is seen in the photo of the Tjome Kirke (Church).

It is nearly impossible to get photos of grave stones from another country.  I plan to visit this cemetery and the church some day.  This is my family church where my Grandfather was baptized and all of his ancestors were, baptized, married and buried in this church.  Karin Henrikke Hansdatter was my Grandfather's Great Aunt, sister to his Grandmother, Olava Jorgensen.

Front entrance of the Tjome church
While doing my research I came across some picture that I thought I would share with you on this post.

Tjome, Norway
Rest in Peace, Karin,

Love Jan

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