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Tombstone Tuesday - January 12, 2016 - Charles Ray Densmore

Charles Ray Densmore 

1894- 1977

Charles Ray was born on Dec 18, 1894, the son of Charles and Mary Densmore in East China Township, Michigan. He was the third of eleven children born to Mary and Charles. The eleven children are; Addie Mae (1890), Nomer(1893-1893), Charles Ray(1894), Elizabeth L. (1897), Dorothy S. (1901), Jay Morgan(1903), John Reynolds (1905), Harry Hayner (1908), Mary Kathryn (1910), Allan Glen (1912), Alvin Chester (1912).

Charles Ray registered for the for the WW1 draft June 5th 1917 in Wayne County. Michigan. He is a twenty two year old single man working as a carpenter for A. L. Parker and lives at 287 Pallister in Detroit. He describes himself as medium height, medium build with gray eyes and dark brown hair and not bald...(interesting questions on the draft form...) Charles Ray served in the US Army in WW1 as a private. I am unable to find service or pension records for Charles Ray but we do have a great picture of him in uniform. According to the 1920 Federal Census, Charles Ray remains single, residing at his parents and working as a sailor.  By the 1930 Census, he is still listed as a single man who lives at his parent and works as a decker in what he refers to as “Boat works”. He is listed as a veteran of the WW which is later known as WW1.

In the 1940 Census, Charles Ray is found in Los Angeles and he has married Helen Ruth Stranahan. They have a 6 year old adopted daughter and a widowed sister to Helen Ruth, Francis Atkins living with them.

He registered for the WWII draft on April 27, 1942 in McComb County Michigan. He is now 47 and lists his employer as Detroit RM Term and his occupation as RMS Subclerk. (Am wondering if he is working at the Railroad Terminal as a clerk.)  He list his mother and her address as a person who will always know how to reach him. His phone number is a Roseville exchange. He describes himself as 5 ', 5” and 130 pounds with gray eyes, brown hair, a light and ruddy complexion. He now lives at 22148 Nevada Ave, East Detroit, Michigan. Can not help but wonder why he did not list Helen Ruth, his wife on this draft record.

In two East Detroit Directories, from 1954 and 1957, Charles Ray and Helen Ruth Densmore are listed at the same Roseville address from Charles Ray's WWII draft record.

I have found no record of Charles Ray and Helen Ruth's Marriage.  I am not certain if they were married in California or in Michigan.  Charles Ray and Helen Ruth were first cousin's. Charles Ray was the son of Mary Morgan and Helen Ruth was the daughter of Addie Jane, Mary's older sister. They were unable to have children but adopted Donagene and raised her as their own. 
Rosehill Cemetery

Charles Ray died on January 12, 1977 while visiting at his sister, Elizabeth at her home. He is buried with his wife, Helen Ruth in the Rosehill Cemetery in St Clair County, East China Michigan.

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