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John Densmore or John Dinsmore of Ireland

Last fall I revisited the website Olive Tree Genealogy; The woman who created and maintains this website is a distant cousin of mine, Lorine McGinnis Schulze. I have written about her and her site before when we discovered our family relationship a year or so ago. If any of your family has Canadian roots, this site is a great place to start. Thanks Lorriane for all they you have done!!!! The website is a wealth of genealogy information and best of all it is free.  I am revisiting my Irish research on John Densmore. He is my GGGGrandfather on my mother's side of the family. He was born in Ireland.  I have conflicting birth dates of 1814 1nd 1804 from Census records and arrived in St John's New Brunswick is 1838.

John Densmore left Ireland on May 22, 1838 and arrived to St John's New Bruswick on June 22/23 1838 at the age of 24. His occupation was listed as a clerk. He was passenger #28 on a schooner named the “Susan Jane” which sailed from the Port of Sligo in Ballyshannon and he sailed on.... The ship was registered in the County Donegal. The Ship Captain or Mate was Hugh Hughes.
I have yet to find a marriage record for John Densmore and Clarissa Blake. The first evidence of them as a family come in the 1851 Census for Canada West, Ontario County, Whitby. They are listed in this Census with the following children; Nancy(1836), John(1838), William(1842), Mary(1843), James (1850). A daughter , Caroline was born in 1852

I found a site in Ireland that has helped me with Irish records. It is located here ; I was able to find some records which may be the parents of John. They live in the County of Donegal, the Parish is Drumhome and the town of Ballintra. The surname is Dinsmore rather than Densmore but it would be that John's name was misspelled when he arrive in Canada. This family consisted of John Dinsmore born 1780 and his wife Margaret Ferall born in 1786. They had appeared to have three children; John (1802 or 1804), Elizabeth(1812) and Andrew (1813).

There is also a William Dinsmore living in the area who has a son named Henry Dinsmore. Henry also married a Ferral daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth's father is William Ferral. Henry and Elizabeth Dinsmore had a son name William Dinsmore born in 1803. There is a death record for William Dinsmore who died Feb 21, 1812. So which William died? The child or the adult? I can not help but wonder if William Dinsmore is John and Henry's father. Further investigation will be needed to sort this out. I can only confirm our connection to the Densmore's in Canada for now but we are hot on the trail to see if we can get back to Ireland.

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  1. Janet - if you have any further information, I'd love to see it... I've just started doing some of this type of research and I wasn't getting anywhere. I am related to John Dinsmore through my Great Grandpa, whose dad was Thomas William Dinsmore from Whitby Ontario..

    If you could email me, I'd love it.


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