Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mommy and Bambi - June 2010

It has been an interesting week last week. We came home from a weekend camping trip to find a baby deer had been born in our back yard. Oh he was so sweet. I know that this has nothing to do with Genealogy but I could not help blogging about it because it was fun to watch the interaction between the mother and the baby.

The baby stayed in the back yard for the week as Mommy came and went during the day. Our neighborhood is very quiet during the week with most of the residence working our side of the home. The baby found many plant to sleep under when he wanted to hide.  It is a good thing that I never got around to getting the weeding done in the back yard because it gave him lots of places to hide.

By the end of the week, Bambi was no longer hiding! By Saturday morning, mommy and baby were really comfortable in the back yard. They spent the morning playing. Mid morning the neighbors began to start their weekend projects and Mommy decided that there was too much going on in the neighborhood so she urged the baby to leave the safety of the back yard through a gap between the gate and the fence so off they fled! Good Bye Mommy and Bambi! It was fun watching you grow!

While I know that this has nothing to do with my family,  It has everything to do with family.  A mother and a baby and what can be mre special that that!

Hope you enjoy!


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