Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Irish Roots

My Irish roots belong to the Densmores' and the McGoogans'.  Rather like the Hatfields' and the McCoys' without the fued.  On my Mother’s side the Irish roots come from the Densmore Family.

This photo is of the Charles Denmore Family of Marine City Michigan.

In the front row from left to right are: Mary Catherine, Mary Morgan (Hayner) , Harry Hayner, Charles S. holding Alan Glen, John Reynolds

In the second row, from left to right are: Jay Morgan, Elizabeth L., Charles Ray, Addie Jane , Dorothy S.

Addie Jane was my Grandmother. She was born in 1890. She died of breast cancer before I was born in April of 1955. Her Father , Charles is the son of John and Sarah (Reynolds) Densmore from Ontario, Canada. They had ten children, Elizabeth M (1857), William W.(1859) , George Elmer(1861),Alice V.(1863), Charles S. (1864), Effie M ( 1867)., Norman A. (1869), Delbert D.(1871), Worthy L (1873) , and Harvey R. (1882). John Jr. was born in 1839 in Darlington, Ontario. John’s father was John Denmore Sr. was born in Ireland in 1803. He left who came to Canada during the potato famine in Ireland. He married Clarissa Blake in Darlington, Ontario and they had 5 children, Nancy (1836), John Jr.(1839), William (1842), Mary(1843) and James (1850.


On my Dad’s side of the Family I have a Great Great grandmother whose maiden name was McGoogan, Amanda McGoogan. Amanda was married to John Henry Crites. I have spoke about both these people several time before in my Blogs. They are a sweet couple that I have grown to cherish. I do not have a family photo of the Emma (Amanda) McGoogan's family which I can share with you but the photos that I have are of Emma (Amanda) after she was married.

John Crites(1845, Dessie Crites(1887), Amanda (1856) (Also known as Emma McGoogan) Crites, standing behind Cora Crites (1875)

This was always a favorite photo of Emma and John because he is looking so thoughtfully at her and not at the camera.  I have some information about this couple which indicate that there was a time when Emma was very sick.  I am suspecting that this is the time period in which this photo was taken.

And the last Photo is of their home in Uniondale, Indiana.

Just a sweet couple standing proudly outside their home. It is interesting that the deed to this house was in Emma's name only.  She purchased it after the death of her parents. I love the hosta blooming next to John.  It looks like a "Big Blue " to me.  Since it is blooming that would make this in late July or August probably.

I am happy to say that these are my known Irish roots!  Happy St Patty's Day and may the luck of the Irish be with you!



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  1. Hello! My name is Shane Brown. I grew up in Uniondale In. And still live here! I live in the old Critse home. I ran across this picture digging up history on the town I so dearly love. I have been in the process of remodeling for a year now. I have been trying to restore it close to what it once was. The porch was built in and made a room. But I haven since opened it back up. A lot of the old wood work from the porch is still there! It is nice to have a better understanding of what used to look like.


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