Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tomvbstone Tuesday - February 14, 2017- Herbert William Anderson

Herbert William was the son of Andrew and Addie (Densmore) Anderson, born on February 6, 1930 in Marine City, Michigan.  Andrew and Addie had eight children; Olga Marie(1911), Ray Densmore(1916), Robert Wesley(1920), Andrew Fredrick(1922), Charles Henry(1925), Leah Mae(1928), Herbert William(1930), John Hayner(1932).

Andrew Anderson Family 1938
Seated in the front is Addie Densmore Anderson, John Hayner, standing next to her, Andrew Anderson, Leah Mae standing next to him, Olga Marie, with Herbert William standing next to her. Standing in the back row is Andrew Fredrick, Robert Wesley, Ray Densmore, Charles Henry (Uncle Moon).  Herbert was eight years old in this photo.  I am sad to say that I do not know very much about Uncle Brett (as they called him). I can only remember seeing him a handful of times and they were all after he had married Donna. They lived in Almont, Michigan. 

Herbert married Mildred Smith. They had a daughter named Darnese. Herbert and Mildred divorced. His brother Andrew Fredrick died in 1968. Herbert married Andrew's widow, Donna Anderson. They had a son, Kyle Anderson. Herbert and Donna would divorce also. He eventually remarried Mildred Smith Anderson.

He died on February 14, 1992 of a heart attack. I will try to find out where he is buried and get a photo of the tombstone to add at a later time. 

Rest in peace, 

Love, Jan

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