Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday - December 27, 2016 - Julia Ann Hainer

Julia Ann Hainer was the daughter of John Hainer and Nancy Bowman. She was born on October 2, 1838 in Ontario. John and Nancy Hainer had eight children; Mary Jane(1823), Margaret(1825), Diane Catherine(1827), William Hamilton(1828), James Murray(1832), Charles Henry(1834), Julia Ann(1838), John Wesley(1845).

Julia Ann married Daniel Utter on April 16, 1855. They lived in Northfield, Brant County, Ontario. Julia Ann and Daniel had 12 children; Cardeer, John(1859), Annie(1862-1877), Melissa(1864-1877), Mary(1866-1877), Charles(1871-1877), Rose Belle(1872-1878), William(1874-1878), Nancy(1875-1877), Nancy(1880), William(1882), Roy(1885). Sadly seven of the children died between December 23, 1877 and January 2, 1878 from an outbreak of Diphtheria. Three of the children died on the same day, December 27,1877 and two children died on January, 2, 1878. I can not comprehend the overwhelming sorrow that this family must have felt. Julia and Daniel went on to have three children and they appear to have survived into adulthood.

Julia Ann died on December 27, 1899. Twenty two years after losing so many of her children. She is buried in the Northfield Cemetery in Brant County, Ontario with all of her children. 

Rest in Peace, Julia Ann and all your children. 

Jan Smith 


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