Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday - December 8, 2015 - Elizabeth McGoogan Clark

Elizabeth McGoogan Clark

Elizabeth McGoogan was the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth McGoogan born in Westmoreland, Pennesylvaina on August 31, 1812. She was the fourth of eleven children in the Robert McGoogan family. They were; Jane (1804), Rachel (1808), Sarah (1811), Elizabeth (1812), Clementine (1815), John (1815), Robert (1820), William (1823), Angeline (1827), Joshua (1828), and Mary Ann (1832).

Elizabeth married Daniel Clark on April 13, 1833 in Harrison County, Ohio. In the 1840 Census, the Clark family resided in Harrison County, Ohio. They had ten children; Charles (1834), Sarah (1834), William (1836), Robert (1839), Ruth (1841), Benjamin (1843), Elizabeth (1843), Oscar (1846), Sophia (1847), Watson (1850). By the 1850 Census, the Family had moved to Lafayette Township, Allen County, Indiana. Daniel Clark has received 80 acres of land from the US Land Bureau.

Elizabeth Clark died on December 8, 1881 and is buried in Hoverstock Cemetery in Zanesville, Indiana. 

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