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Tombstone Tuesday - October 20, 2015 - Margaret McDonald Smith

Margaret McDonald Smith

Margaret McDonald was born on November 2, 1877 in Port Lampton, Ontario. She was the daughter of Henry M. McDonald and Mary Perry Densmore. They had eight children; William (1866), Clarissa(1867), Sarah(1868-1871), Ida(1869), Ella(1871), Fraser(1876), Margaret(1877), Sam (1881). She arrived in the United States between 1887 and 1888 and became a Naturalized Citizen. She married Arthur Albert Smith in Caro, Michigan on December 12. 1895. They lived in Reese, Michigan and operated a farm for many years. Arthur and Margaret Smith had 14 children; Myrtle (1896), Berta (1898), Edith (1900), Albert (1901),Charles (1903), Berton(1905), Earl (1908), Harold (1910), John (1911), Roy (1914), Raymond (1916), Francis (1920), Clifford (1921), Robert (1924).  As od the 1920 Federal Census, Albert and Margaret  were still living on the farm Reese Michigan. By the 1930 census,  they had moved to Oakland County and were now living in Royal Oak Michigan. Margaret lists her occupation as a sales clerk for a Perfumery. The following photo is of the Arthur and Margaret Smith family in 1944. Margaret is the second woman from the left kneeling in the front row.
Margaret died on October 20, 1951 and was buried at White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery. She is buried with her husband in section 12853, Block K, Spaces 4 and 5. As of now I do not have a photo of the tombstone but I am hope that I can get someone to take one for me.

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