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Everett Alton Smith

Everett Alton Smith was my grandfather. He was born in Uniondale Indiana at the home of his grandparents home on August 16, 1904.

Everett's baptismal photo from 1904 or early 1905 taken in Indiana.  His Grandmother was a life long member of the Uniondale Indiana M E Church so it is likely that is where he was baptized  and where his parents, Alvin Oliver Smith and Cora May Crites were married.

Everett at about 2 years of age - 1906
James Fredrick and Everett at Uncle Fred baptism in 1907.
James Fredrick and Everett Alton Smith - 1910

Grade school photo of Everett with his class probably about 1910.

Everett is in the back row 5th child from the right. I can not identify the school for sure.   It is likely a Jefferson Township, Wells County, Indiana school.

James Fredrick and Everett Alton - 1912

Alvin and his family moved to Burton Michigan around 1920.  Alvin believed there was a better life for them in an area where the Auto Industry  was booming.  The Smith families are found on Term Street in Burton in 1920 Federal Census and by then Francis, Alvin's brother, and his family are there too.

Everett is no longer in school in 1920 but there is no job listed either.  I had been told by Grandpa that he attended high school in Roanoke, Indiana.

Lillian's 17th birthday in 1922

This photo was taken on Lillian's 17th birthday.  It was at about this time that Everett Smith and Lillian Losee meet.

I can not be certain how long Everett worked for the Stromberg Autotmotive supply company.  This is an interesting photo.  It appears that it is a vendor booth setup under a large test.  Obviously being a salesman was not what grandpa  wanted to do with his life.

Lillian and Everett had Lucelle in October 1924 and my father Harold in August of 1928. Lucille tragically died in March 21, 1931. I do not know if it was this event or just a change of heart but Everett decided to go to college to become a minister. He attended Albion College in Albion Michigan.

Will continue with the story of Grandpa's ministry days in the next blog.

Happy Hunting!


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