Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - November 13, 2012

This post is a Veteran's Day post and a early Tombstone Tuesday post all rolled into one.  All but two  of these veterans are from my family and those two are friends of our family.  They have all honored us by serving in our military and today we say "Thanks" to them. I do not have photos of all the graves. This will serve as a reminder for me to get the rest of them.

Revolutionary War

Jacob Crites
Civil War

James W. Smith - Indiana 142nd Infantry

Joseph J. Smith - Indiana 142nd Infantry

Thomas D. Overly - CO. D., 5th IND.INF., UNION ARMY,
He is buried in Prairie Grove Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Daniel Overly - CO. D., 5th IND.INF., UNION ARMY, CIVIL WAR
Buried in Marion National Cemetery

Samuel Overly - CO. D., 5th IND.INF., UNION ARMY

David H Overly - Indiana 142nd Infantry & Indiana 143nd Infantry
Isaac F. Overly - CO. D., 5th Indiana INF., UNION ARMY, CIVIL WAR - May 15, 1861

George O Losee - Civil War Michigan 23rd Regiment Company C

Austin Boyer – Company L Michigan 10th Cavalry Regiment – 10/14/1863

Dennison Boyer – Company L Michigan 10th Cavalry Regiment – 9/18/1863
John C Densmore - Company K ,Michigan 11th Infantry

World War I

Clarence W. Boyer  - Buried in Beebee Cemetery Oakland County Michigan

Wesley Densmore 

Dillard Green

Grover Losee

World War II

Ray D Anderson - Corporal US Army Air Forces
Robert Wesley Anderson – Mechant Marines
Andrew Anderson – Merchant Marines
Charles Anderson – US Navy 

Charles J Pistrui – S1 US Navy 

Glen K Schwan – Captain US Army Air Force


Richard Matthews – BT2 US Navy

Veteran during times of peace

Charle Kaake Jr. - 1st Lieutenant US Air Force

Howard Tietz – US Army Enlisted February 9, 1953


Stephen Gerkin 

I know that I have missed some but they will have to be acknowledged  at a later date.

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