Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Newton Losee

Well, I got a really nice surprise this week.  I have made contact with a distant relative, Kathleen.  She is a descendant of Ester Ann Losee, sister to our Newton Losee.  Ester Ann Losee married Myron Pettit.  They had three children; Andrew J. , Viola and Julia.    This week she shared with me some photos that she has from a photo album from her Great Grandmother Viola.

 This photo is of Newton Losee as a young man!  It was a tintype photo taken probably in the late 1860 or early 1870's.  Our family did not previously have an identified photo of Newton. I have six or eight unidentified Losee photos and I am wondering if one in particular may be a middle age photo of Newton, now after seeing this one. 

Newton Losee maybe?
I sent this photo to Kathleen to see if she can help me identify this relative of ours...I have an identified photo of Newton's wife, Nellie, seen below.

Nellie Best Losee.
 Then there is this Photo which is not identified.

A younger Nellie Best Losee?
I always assumed that this woman and the unidentified man were a married couple because the photos framing looks exactly alike.  I wonder if this was Newton and Nellie at the turn of the century?  I just know that there must be a Losee relative out there that has these same photos.

SO I keep looking!

Happy Hunting!


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