Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mae E. Boyer

Mae Eveleen Boyer was born on October 29, 1883. She was the daughter of Austin Boyer and Mary Florence White.

Baby photo of Mae

Toddler photo of Mae

A tin type photo of Valentine Boyer (grandfather) and Mae

In the 1900 Census we find May with her parents in Thetford, Genesee County, Michigan where is is attending school.

Mae and Henry Boyer - school age

Mae's wedding photo in 1902
She married George Stephen on her birthday in 1902.
She and George had five children ; Lester born in 1903, Lillian born in 1905, Wallace born in 1907, Mary Florence (not sure when she was born but is between Wallace and Earnest) and Ernest born in 1913

This photo is of the Boyer family and the photo must  have been taken in 1907 or early 1908.  Mae is the young woman standing on the porch holding the baby whom I believe is Wallace.  Wallace was born in June of 1907. The man standing next to her looks like her father, Austin who died in May 1908. The small child standing on the step next to Mae is my grandmother, Lillian at about age 4. Mae died on February 13, 1914.  According to my grandmother, her mother went out to hang laundry on the clothes line and never returned to the house.  Grendma told me that after a while she realized that her Mom had not returned from hanging the laundry so she decided to go looking for her. She found her mother slumped over the landry basket. Mae had died. lillian had not yet turned nine years old.

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