Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Almost two months...

It has been almost two months since I blogged. I guess you could say that my summer has gotten away from me. I have done little or no genealogy research this summer which I guess is typical during such a busy time of the year. Now that the weather is cooling, I will get back at it. 

I sent my article to Norway to the Historical Society in Tjome where it was well recieved.  I heard from Inger just before my vacation and she reported that it had been translated and if they had any issues with the photos she would let me know.  She had also contacted a distant relative, descandants of my great, great Aunt, my great grandmother, Ingeborg's sister Marie.  Apparently the family still owns the orginal residence on Tjome and use it as a summer home.  The couple was visiting for the summer and she hoped to be able to spend some time with them to collect additional family information for me.  They would be related to me but not directly related to her. She is however very interested in getting to know these local families that she has hear much about. She told me that they had many old photos of our family members. She was hoping to be able to spend time with them this summer. Summer in Tjome is very busy too so I hope that they were able to talk.

I promise that I will not wait so long to get back to my blog!  I have enjoyed the summer and will be back soon.

Love, Jan

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