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Trying to visualize this data.....

I have spent weeks looking at this information. I have been trying to figure out how to spell it out in my blog and not present it in an information overload manner. I wanted it to be visual but not over whelming. It is not easy to digest it all. In my family tree software by Family Tree Maker you can only see three generations at one time so it is hard to visualize what it looks like. I am not sure that I will be able to put this in the blog and have this same image due to formatting issues that I have noticed but we will try.

I received the information from Inger who got it from her friend, Lars in Tjome. Lars is credited with doing the research to obtain this data. There are seven new generations from Olava Hansdatter family listed… It is such a spectacular gift! This represents years of reading through hand written church records. One of the things that it tells us is that for 8 generations in this family they all were born, baptized, confirmed, married, died and were buried in or very near Tjome, and Notteroy, Norway.

In my fifteen years of family history research, I have had three other occasions when I discovered that some other researcher had spent a great deal of time researching families that I was related to. It is always such a surprise to stumble on a treasure trove of data that fits into your tree. This is by far the largest single amount of data that I have received at one time. This part of our tree now spans 10 generations stopping at Mom and 12 generations if we go back to the current generation of grandchildren.

Let me put it this way… The DNA test that Matt and I did on our Smith line of the family, identifies 5 highly probable matches 10 generations back. (none of them are Smiths!) The information from Lars takes us 12 generations back.

 Anderson/Andersen Family Tree

 # 1. Leah Anderson

 #2 Andrew and Addie Anderson - my Grandparents
#3. Ingeborg and Hans Andersen - Andrew's Parents

#4 Both sets of Andrew's Grandparents
#5 Andrew’s Great Grandparents
 and so on…through generation #10.

1. Leah Anderson Smith (1928-2009)

    2. => Andrew Anderson (1883-1970)
    2. => Addie Densmore (1890-1955)

          3. => Hans Andersen (1859-1946)
          3. => Ingeborg Helene Jakobsdatter (1856-1894)

                 4. => Anders Hansen (1822-?) - Hans Parents
                 4. => Olava Hansdatter (1828-1911)             
                 4. => Jakob Carlsen (1819 – 1879) - Ingeborg's Parents
                 4. => Helvig Marie Christensdatter (1821-1883)

                          5. => Hans Paulsen - Ander's Parents
                          5. => Not known
                          5. => Hans Nielsen (1787-1852) - Olava's Parents
                          5. => Kristen Hansdatter (1790-1836)
                          5. => Carl Jakobsen - Jakob's Parents
                          5. => Anna Marie Olsdatter
                          5. => Christen Christophersen (1796-?) Helvig's Parents
                          5. => Edel Hansdatter( 1797 - ?)

                          6. => Kristi Thorsdatter (1759-1820)- (5) Kristen's Parents
                          6. => Hans Jonsen (1758-1804)

                          7. => Thors Olsen (1730-1799) Kristi's Parents
                          7. => Pernille Andersdatter

                          8. => Ole Sorensen (died 1750) (7)Thors' Parents
                          8. => Kristi Thorsdatter (1695-1758)

                          9. => Soeren Olsen (1635- 1717 (8) Ole's Parents
                          9. => Else (1630-1724
                          9. => Thors Admunsen (1658-1708) (8)Kristi's Parents
                          9. => Marthe Olsdatter (died 1727)
                         10. => Ole Soerensen (?-1645) Soeren' Parents
                         10. => Eli (?-1660)
                         10. => Anund Olsen (1613-1697 Thor's Father
                         10. => Ole Evensen (1620-1680)  Mathe's Parents
                         10. => Kristi Gunderdatters (1630-1693

So did you get all that! 
Happy hunting! 

PS...Had to do some editingon a format which got messed up..

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