Sunday, September 13, 2009

Della and the Sparks Family….

Della M. Smith(1874) married William R. Sparks( 1873) in 1896. The photo is Della’s Wedding Portrait. They had four children; Nora Sparks (1897), Talmedge Sparks (1899), Virgil Sparks (1902), and Alvin Sparks(1904). They lived in Wells County near James, Oella and the rest of the siblings in Union Township, Wells County, Indiana.

This picture is Della Wedding photo.  It is interesting that of the wedding photos that I have from prior to 1900, the bride is dressed in black.  I am assuming that they are dressed in their "best dress", not necessarily a new dress.  Their best dress probably was their funeral dress too.

Della was very committed to her family. In our pictures you see her, with her mother, Oella, often in the last years of Oella's life. She also seems to be assisting her neice, Della and nephew,Virgil at the family farm where Oella went to live with William F. and his family after James W. died. Oella is certainly not able to raise two small school age children without Della’s help. William's wife , Dessie died when their daughter Della was three.

  This photo is of Uncle William‘s children, Aunt Della's  family and Aunt Dora’s family. I have most of them identified and we will analize this photo as we did the James W. Smith photo to identfy the rest and place a year to it as well in a future blog .  Aunt Della's children and their families have been a bit illusive. I have made no contact with any descendants of Della so far. I will always keep searching. I am hoping that the release of the 1940 records will assist me in finding them.  I have contacted Oscar's children. Majorie (Jackson) Goshorn is still living and is the little girl in the front with her hand by her eyes.  She and her son were able to attend a small family reunion I hosted in Nine Mile Indiana in 2005.  I have also been in contact with Emrick children.   

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